One Month

One Month

So… it’s been a whole month since I locked the door of my apartment for the last time. I was full of grand plans for building a plywood base into the car and making built in storage… and then I ran out of time and had to move right in. I’m glad I did though, because the design I was thinking of has changed at least 4 times, as I started sleeping facing the hatch instead of the seats, streamlined my idea of a car-kitchen, and weeded belongings in and out of the car. (Eventually, I had to admit it was impractical to have a king sized wool comforter in there, no matter how much I loved it. Folded into quarters, it definitely kept me warm- but also made it impossible to move once I had wormed under it. And that big green mirrored cushion? Its size makes it a luxury in such a small space, but it’s assumed the role of a welcome mat. Every time I see it, it makes me feel like I’m home. 🙂

About Kera Willis

Kera Willis is a writer, nomad and deep environmentalist who (as teacher/facilitator at Mountain Horse School in Pemberton BC, Canada) continues to share essays, bouts of myth making, and articles about the human equine relationship, rewilding our connection to the land, and the gifts of autism.
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