Being Gifted

My second-last day at the ranch, I was gifted a ride on Bu, one of the Lusitano stallions. Iliane helped me get a few steps of Passage- a slow, elevated, exaggerated trot that feels like you’re a superhero running in slow motion with super-sized stilt legs- only more beautiful and powerful and collected than that.

And, like any good athlete, he’s learned to boy after a particularly stunning performance…
Except that he’s not yet super solid on the line between ‘bow’ and ‘taking it too far’!

He looked so pleased with himself sitting there. “Look how extravagantly I bowed! So low I lost my footing and lay down. Now can I please have my sugar?”



About Kera Willis

Kera Willis is a writer, nomad and deep environmentalist who (as teacher/facilitator at Mountain Horse School in Pemberton BC, Canada) continues to share essays, bouts of myth making, and articles about the human equine relationship, rewilding our connection to the land, and the gifts of autism.
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