All That Came Before


It’s been a long time since I posted on this blog.

Since I could add to the thread of the story with something simple: things didn’t go as planned.

And, from this far away place, this home-again place, I can see that the spool of things has worked out perfectly in its own way. Behind me there is water falling down a mountain and into a river; in front of me more mountains slowly walk themselves North, until they become part of the Tantalus Range. I’ve been back in BC for a little over a month now, and some things feel like I never left. Other things- relationships, MY relationship with the world- have changed completely.

Outside the room where I am writing this by the light of a salt lamp, there is a field where horses are grazing. One of them is my gelding, Dublin, come back to me from the far away ranchlands North of Cache Creek. The fact that he is mine again and that we are both here is something that every day feels like a miracle.

I thought for a long time about what I was going to write in this space: what words I would use to break the silence. Whether I would let the thread of this particular story go, or whether I would light it up in flames. But I think that the real answer is more subtle then that. The re-story, the re-new, the re-gain.


I am holding the door open for you.

Will you walk with me?

About Kera Willis

Kera Willis is a writer, nomad and deep environmentalist who (as teacher/facilitator at Mountain Horse School in Pemberton BC, Canada) continues to share essays, bouts of myth making, and articles about the human equine relationship, rewilding our connection to the land, and the gifts of autism.
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